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Medicine Woman Immersion Sunshine Coast

May 7, 2018 @ 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Womens Shamanic Immersion
The Wisdom of Ancients
Ancient Codes Awaken ~ Earth Wisdom
This is a beautiful initiation for those calling to dive deeper in Ceremony ~ Spirit
Embodying /Opening/ Expressing /Raw /Tribal Wisdom

Activating my Earth Temple is a deepening into the body
Womb ~Earth ~Star connection is the powerhouse and anchor point for the Codes to open and be Embodied
A slow rhythmic connection with body unlocks and clears the channel
~ womb opening sequence
~ Gateways of Womb
~ Plant Journey
Plant Alchemy : Our allies bring healing and messages
We will work with one plant Spirit for our Journey

Eagle Medicine Wisdom: Journey with Bird Tribe
Birds as Wisdom Keepers help us take flight
Open to ‘seeing’ on a new level and the offering of Visionary Bird on your Journey

Sacred Sound :Ancient Songs Awaken our Tribal wisdom
This is the call of the Raw Tribal Woman
We feel our Ancient ones with us and Star Beings supporting us as we Journey in trance . This altered state isa powerful place to release our ‘old’ human aspects which are so constricting.
Yearning for change and hearing something from deep inside ..this is the Cave of Knowing The Cave of Ancient Wisdom which is NOW calling to be FREE
When we are in this place there are no words…the sound comes
Opening to my Song & Voice Expression
Shamanic Tools: Drum, rattles and clap sticks guide us in deeper …

Secrets Of The Honey Tree Studio
101 Memorial Drive

Start time :930am finish by 4pm
What to bring:
a light cover for body
pillows and yoga mats supplied
we have carpet room which is comfy
room is warm and cozy
Lose comfy clothing not cutting waist
no jeans or tights
a maxi dress or sarong etc is perfect
water bottle
NO perfumes please NO strong deodorants
no makeup necessary ~ come raw and real
Lunch if you wish or take away in street ( for break)
small plant flower offering for centre
Contribution : $170
FuLL Day Journeying We have 10 spaces!
Payment Link : Trybooking
Booking through Sherridan Boyle
BSB: 638-010

I had experienced a day with Sherridan in the past, but knew very well to be present at this one without expectation. Awakening The Medicine Woman. It’s only two days later and I know so much more is yet to come through, but I wish to share what those words mean to me.. Awakening the medicine woman.

For months now many things have been coming through for me.. Activations.. Re codings.. etc. in this time I have strongly felt the presence of my own medicine woman hovering around me..
I have felt her… Out there… But it was on Sunday, with Sherridan’s guidance that I met with her. My medicine woman.
As Sherridan guided us to call her in I felt her literally merge with me. I was not looking out at her.. She was in me! I was seeing clearly through her eyes.. We were one. Her voice came through me. Her breath came through me.

As I look around even now I know that it is more than just my physical ‘human’ eyes I see through. And wow.. I cannot express the love and openess that My heart feels right NOW.
The gratitude I have for Sherridan’s presence and guidance and wisdom..
She seems to always turn up when I am ready for another great leap… And she always comes through for me.. Offering exactly what I need in that moment. What I was ready for was so different this time compared to last time..

And so much had changed within me and within this world in the time in between. Sherridan was right there… Offering up exactly what I was searching for at this time. So much happened on this day. I could go on and… But I know well enough to understand there is still more to come.. And I experienced many things on this day.. But what stands out for me the most right now.. Is the welcoming home of my medicine woman.
It was Sherridan’s guidance that has brought me to this place I am at right now. Sitting as one… Myself and my medicine woman.
How can I even express the gratitude for that in entirety. There are not enough words. Sherridan. I honour you.

My medicine woman honours you, and together we thank you from a deep heart space… The activation received on that day.. The swan.. I won’t even go there.. For they are a whole other body of writing to express those experiences. So.. For anyone.. Who is drawn to attend an immersion of any kind with Sherridan.. Please know that she will guide you in wisdom.. Connect into you and know where to take you.. Safely.. And with an open and loving heart. Everyone’s experience will differ.. But there WILL be an experience.. Trust..
If you are called to her.. I did. I’m sure I will again. Much respect.. So much gratitude..
Once again… Thank you Sherridan.
Jo Josie
Awakening The Medicine Woman. March. 2015.


The Awakening Medicine Workshop was an amazing day of experiential journeying, Sound and senses.
With Sherridan holding the space and creating the energy with the heart felt beat of the Native American Drum, the harmonising vibration of the crystal bowls and the shaking, rattling sound of the chakapa flowing through the mind body and soul clearing, releasing, lifting..
The first taste of Cacao, bitter but like liquid velvet as I swirled around in my mouth, feeling the senses being opened up to a higher awareness and deeper connection to Spirit, that we are all One.
Journeying, using voice, sensation, movement, dance, feeling everything within coming alive, in unison – connected centered.
Walking away at the end of the day knowing we have all grown, expanded and shifted up into another vibratory level.
This workshop was a journey well worth travelling.
Thank you Sherridan, Namaste
Rochelle Lines
Solstice Immersion 2016 Sunshine Coast

“I have a new voice I can not return to a state of hiding.”
I gifted myself the journey with Sherridan not knowing exactly what to expect or where it was going to lead me afterward.
I found strange comfort amongst strangers also going through their personal process.
Sherridan is real in her approach and in turn encourages you to find your own real what ever that may be.

I left this journey in a different way to when I arrived, I left with a remembered part of myself I had learned to hide from the world, I brought back a piece I had been searching for since I was a young girl. The journey continues and the amour I used to protect myself is now starting to falling away.
I have a new voice. I can not return to a state of hiding.

For this I hold the deepest gratitude to Sherridan for providing such a well held space and her humble, non judgemental approach that honoured each woman in her circle so each of us could connect to the beauty and sacredness of the amazing women we are.
Brooke Feb Immersion 2015

‘To be led into a meditative state was… simple, because we had ready hearts now, opened by our song, because we had said “yes”‘

I’d like to say, from the moment I arrived there was a sense of… anticipation, because my energy immediately began to merge with the energy of the women in the circle.
The vibe was one of preparation, intuitively readying ourselves as sisters to journey. The essence upon arriving was respect… and honouring our unified intention to access our truth.
We were invited to sing to the mountains… shaking our rattles together, all being true to our own rhythm, we merged again with naturally occurring harmony.
As our voices grew in volume and grew in confidence, the more personal our songs became to our own hearts, which brought forth a beautiful quality I can only remember from a tribal lifetime past.

From here, to be led into a meditative state was… simple, because we had ready hearts now, opened by our song, because we had said “yes”, we had shown up… each of us.
Sherridan held the space for us to gently hold the energy for each other.
I journeyed deeply that night.
The ripples continue to move through me with reverence and relevance to this day.
Love Beth

I felt a calling to the Cosmic Woman Ancient Sound Journey on the night of the Full moon Eclipse. I loved the way Sherridan connected with each one of us upon arrival, it was very warm and welcoming.
I had never been to a shamanic ceremony before and arrived without any expectations. I loved the clearing, cleansing prior to ceremony. Sherridan it was an honour to be part of this gathering. You provided comfortable sacred space where I was able to express myself freely.
Your amazing healing gifts of medicine and sound magically brought up unexpected stuff that arose from with in. My body responded with sensations running through.
I felt a lot shifting. You are an incredibly passionate medicine woman and I will highly recommend your Sacred Service.
And will attend again when I feel the need. Thank you and bless you,
Vicki Henderson

Sherridan Boyle
Sherridan is a passionate Visionary Shamanic Medicine Woman.
Guided with mastery and shamanic magic, Sherridan calls you to ACTIVATE and AWAKEN your ANCIENT SOUND.

She opens and anchors the space for Medicine Women Awakening Immersions and retreats and has facilitated immersions for over over 17 years in SE QLD .
She Anchors a deeply grounded presence calling you to AWAKEN and RECLAIM your power.

A background in Traditional Shamanic apprenticeship including Soul Retrieval and weaving in/out as a practical shaman in the mainstream medical system. A convergnce of sound healing & ancient wisdom brings forth the Activation for those ready to embark into deeper soul wisdom. exploring plant wisdom, grid activations, songline awakening and internal journeying.
Sherridan Activates Light Codes through Sound and assists those ready to clear density and transform.
As a Shamanic Medicine Woman, she calls your Ancient Spirit Wisdom to come forth.

Please note: we are going to record some of our Song ( voice only)


May 7, 2018
9:30 am - 4:00 pm


Sherridan Boyle
Sacred Earth Spirit