Mama Medicina Practitioner | KaHuna Bodyworker | Facilitator of Heartworks Lomi Lomi



I am a Mama Medicina Practitioner, KaHuna Bodyworker and Facilitator of Heartworks Lomi Lomi.
I support women to connect deeper with themself- body, mind, heart and soul. Gently unravelling past stories, conditioning and trauma to return to sacred. This is potent medicine for all women’s self care, empowering those with or without a womb to become their own medicine woman.
A 2 hr Bodywork session with me combines ancient traditional healing methods of touch, prayer, breathwork, visceral listening, sacred ceremony and herbal womb steam medicine with the invitation to listen with deep awareness, learn take home self care techniques, womb steam wisdom and find deep trust in the body’s ability to heal.
Together we heal. Together we rise.

* * * * *
We can be our own Doctors. By listening to our wombs we are connecting to our own wisdom for our overall health.

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