Intuitive Shamanic Healer | Kinesiologist | Reiki | Yoga & Movement Facilitator

SHEN Sismanoglu

Shen comes from a lineage of healers that guide and connect her to the wisdom of her ancestors.

A session with Shen is a profound experience that embraces the Sacred, honours the Self and nurtures the Soul. By using Kinesiology, Shamanism, Energetic Medicine and Sound Healing Shen is able to help her clients release trauma, remove energetic blockages and limiting beliefs including ancestral patterns.

These transformational sessions are designed to awaken your highest potential and will empower you to claim your truth and unveil your inherent wisdom. This is pure medicine for the body, mind & spirit that will give you clarity, direction and powerful tools for your Heart’s journey and Soul’s calling.

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We can be our own Doctors. By listening to our wombs we are connecting to our own wisdom for our overall health.

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